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Trinfinite Marketing Sdn. Bhd. provide sales and services of all kinds of water filter systems with a wide range of applications for residential home, commercial, industrial, hospitals and schools in KL and Selangor such as hot & cold water dispenser, water purifier, water cooler, alkaline water, RO water, toilet bidet, air purifier. 

We have a wide selection of indoor water filter, outdoor water filter, hot & cold water dispenser, water purifier, water cooler, air purifier, alkaline water, RO water, UF, fittings, filter refill cartridges, valves, water faucets and other parts.


We aim to ensure that fresh, clean, and healthy water is accessible to everyone!

Water is essential for all forms of life on our magnificent planet and is a vital necessity for every individual’s well-being. Each of us must consume a minimum of 64 ounces of water daily to thrive and maintain good health!

Our mission at tfn.com.my is to assist you in finding information, products, and solutions to meet your water quality needs, because we firmly believe that everyone should have access to this essential resource.


We acknowledge the multitude of water quality issues you may encounter, along with hundreds of brands and products available to address these challenges.

We share our in-depth research and insights, cutting through the noise, enabling you to identify the specific water problem you’re facing and choose the best solution in response.

We dedicate hundreds and hundreds of hours to testing, researching, writing, and double and triple checking every article we produce to ensure it is accurate and genuinely useful.

You can quickly gather the most important information at a glance with our in-depth guides and reviews or use our comparison charts.


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Email : trinfinitem@gmail.com

Sales contact person: 017-2045355

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