Be Home Free with
LG Air Purifiers

The LG PuriCare™ Air Purifier remove
over 90 percent of airborne allergies
for a happier day at home.

Air Purifiers

Clean the air in your home with LG air purifiers technology that blocks haza and odor, allowing you to enjoy the perfect environment all year long.
LG air purifiers make it easier than ever to clean the air you breathe. Discover just a few of features and benefits that make them popular favourites:

Advanced Filtration System: Many air purifiers from LG feature pre-filters, allergy filters, deodorization filters, water filters and HEPA filters, which means that they can remove large particles from the air, decompose allergens, remove odours, and even filter out some bacteria and viruses.

Humidification: When you choose a purifier that can also act as an air humidifier – you’ll have the ability to clean your air and add moisture for even greater comfort.

Easy Cleaning: Boasting an easy-to-clean filter and easy-to-open air louver, you can clean your air purifier in just a few short minutes.

Smart Lighting: Our HEPA air purifier selection includes some options boasting Smart Lighting – an innovative feature allows you to track your home’s air quality. When the air is clean, slightly polluted, or highly polluted the purifier’s lights will change colour.

LG air purifiers make it easy to enjoy a healthier indoor environment. Simply plug them in and you’ll enjoy cleaner air instantly. Our advanced filtration system removes odours, allergens, and some bacteria and viruses, plus with our purifiers’ smart lighting feature, you’ll be able to monitor the health of your air at a glance. Explore our complete collection of HEPA air purifiers, as well as our innovative range of home appliances and air conditioners – and create a stylish, functional, and more comfortable space for everyone in your family.
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